A first of its kind recovery clinic for Ross County opens its doors Monday. It offers more supported withdrawal from drugs and for longer than any other current program in the area.

The two people running it came together through the Heroin Partnership Project, a Ross County collaboration that just won the National Criminal Justice Association Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award for the impact it has had on the opiate epidemic. They are counselor Pat Friel and Hopewell Health’s Kylie LeMaster.

Friel said there is a big need because it is difficult to find available inpatient detox beds and the programs will only keep patients for a few days and only admit them after severe withdrawal symptoms have set in.

“With addiction, when they want to get clean and sober, you want to get them in right then because two days from now they may not want it, they may overdose in the meantime,” said Friel.

This clinic will take patients immediately when they want help and offer medical and emotional care from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

It is located at 111 W. Water Street in Chillicothe. For more information, call Hopewell Health at 740-773-4366.