Do you run a small business?  Most physicians say, “No.  I run a medical practice.”

Thriving physicians KNOW they are running a small business.  Yes, it’s a specialized hybrid business venture, but the process of building a successful business transcends the details of who is selling what to whom.

Yes, you are running a business too!

This idea may make you feel uncomfortable.  It SHOULD make you feel uncomfortable.  You have the training to care for patients; however, no one laid out the rules and tools to manage the business side of medicine.

You learned how to take good care of patients.  Who taught you how to attract and retain those patients?

You learned how to interpret the I’s & O’s of an ICU patient.  Who taught you how to interpret how cash flows in and out of your practice?

You learned how to integrate technological advances into patient care.  Who taught you to leverage Facebook, blogs, and YouTube to grow your practice?

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  Many forces are changing the trajectory of the “medical success puck.”

The post ACA era is your wake up call telling you that it’s time to switch strategies.  Whether it continues unscathed, self-implodes or is repealed and replaced, the government will almost surely be involved in healthcare more and more.  The physicians who ignore the business side of their practices do so at their own peril.

iMAX Medical Billing is here to help you acquire the rules and tools you will need to join doctors who are thriving in the post ACA.

For many physicians this means leaving their comfort zones and learning new skills.