COLUMBUS (WCMH) — In Franklin County alone, there have been nearly 1,000 emergency room visits because of suspected overdoses so far in 2018 according to Columbus Public Health.

For those who want to help, it can be difficult knowing where to start in the face of such an overwhelming problem.

There are places for recovering addicts to live to adjust to life before addiction.

“You know it’s just normal life,” Jason Schenck who is a recovering addict. “People are doing their laundry and eating dinner.”

He is working to get his life back to normal after years of battling addiction. He’s living in a recovery house where others are trying to do the same.

“Seeing people live again in a way that I couldn’t before,” said Schenck.

He said his roommates at his house keep him from falling back into the cycle of addiction.

Schenck added this home and the people here gives him and others the structure and care they desperately need to remain sober.

“So having that on a regular basis is encouraging, it keeps me moving in the right direction, keeps that hope going.”

Jeffery Kamms, who has been in recovery for more than 20 years says it took him a while before he found his safe place. He just wished he would have found it earlier.

“I needed some help to find my way out,” said Kamms. “I would have died to have this kind of support early in my life when I was lost.”

Now he has his own recovery houses and is a board member of Ohio Recovery Housing. He mentors people who are trying to create more of these safe homes.

A benefit Erin Helms said made her nearly 10 years of sobriety happen.

“The benefits that I felt were enormous,” said Helms.

She said it’s now her job to pass along the help to other recovering addicts., but there’s one issue which is because of the opioid epidemic.

“There’s just not enough quality recovering housing,” said Helms.