People draw conclusions from every instance of your name being mentioned. Your brand is the way you are currently perceived as a doctor, but branding is not marketing. Put simply, personal branding is about being authentic and delivering value.
Doctor in branding article

A clearly defined and managed brand is important for doctors.

Branding is becoming increasingly crucial in today’s world, even beyond the corporate workplace. Whether you work in a hospital or other healthcare setting, your branding is already evident to everyone you interact with.

Something as small and seemingly insignificant as your listing on your hospital’s or practice’s website communicates information about you.

If you are not actively managing your brand, it will be inconsistent, which can detract from how you are perceived as a doctor, potentially harming your image.

In a recent survey, 70 percent of participants believed that they had defined their brand and 50 percent believed that they were living it consistently. However, only 15 percent had truly defined it and under 5 percent were consistently managing it.

“Branding is important, more important than most of us realize, within medicine and without, although most people outside the business community don’t use that term,” Jeffrey M. Brown, M.D. – a family physician in California, who writes a regular column for Physician’s Money Digest – told Medical News Today.

“Fortunately, once we are aware of it, and perhaps the studies that validate its value, we can manipulate it. Because of course branding can work in both a positive and negative direction,” he added.

Ultimately, branding can help you to expand your practice, increase referrals, and increase the number of procedures that you perform.

Having a strong brand allows you to develop a reputation that makes people want to work with you, helps them trust you, and makes them expect a certain level of quality and consistency from you.

In the first article in our series on branding, we bring you tips on how to get started with defining and sharing your brand.