It’s the new year and the perfect time to make sure your physician’s practice is productive and compliant, and most importantly that your patients are happy. The way you manage patients, the revenue cycle, technology, staff, and medical records can help your practice’s gears move at maximum efficiency to promote a workflow that makes the most out of your resources. Let’s explore ways you can improve office tasks.

According to Physicians Practice’s “9 Priorities for Practice Management in 2018,” there are nine ways you can keep healthcare tasks moving to maintain a viable healthcare operation this year:

• Protect confidentiality
• Assess financial health
• Stay ahead of the curve
• Rethink charting and billing practices
• Manage the revenue cycle
• Make innovation profitable
• Increase efficiency
• Create a shared perspective
• Improve patient services

Don’t limit these nine priorities to just physicians’ offices, they can be used for managing facilities and other healthcare organizations.