Billing Clients Receive Our Practice Management System at No Charge

Time is on Your Side with Our Advanced Scheduling System

Managing your office appointments with our drag-and-drop scheduling module allows your front office to work quickly and color code each provider and appointment type.  When a patient is scheduled, eligibility is automatically verified 24-48 hours before, the claim begins to pre-fill and the appointment is mirrored in the EHR.

Real-time Eligibility & Instant Chart Set-up

Most practices learn the hard way that the health insurance membership card is not definitive proof of patient eligibility for healthcare benefits.  In fact, the most common cause of rejection at the payer gateway is directly related to eligibility.Historically, verification was impractical, time-consuming, and costly, since the process involved manually calling the health plan and usually waiting on hold for 15 to 20 minutes.  No more wasting time on hold.  You will be able to verify insurance eligibility instantaneously.  Plus, once you verify insurance eligibility, the patient’s front office file and the medical chart is automatically created.

Key Benefits:

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