The amount of data entry required by most EHRs has been a major point of dissatisfaction for physicians for several years now. A recent survey by a Pennsylvania community hospital showed that physicians spent an average of 44% of their time on data entry, with only 28% spent on direct patient care.

Obviously, this is not what doctors or patients want. But charting in the exam room results in the highest accuracy and completion rate.

Many doctors and healthcare experts believe dictation with an EHR designed for the iPad and other tablets could be the answer—if the accuracy can reach acceptable levels. iMAX Medical Billing and our EHR technology partner recently conducted testing on successfully using iPad dictation with an EHR with positive results.

For more information, see our new free infographic on iPad EMR dictation below with details about optimal coding in the exam room and efficiently using electronic medical records software on the iPad.

What's the Fastest Way to Chart in the Exam Room? iPad Dictation Infographic