There’s a sure fire way to find out.  Ask them!

What do most patients – and referring physicians – really want?

Your patients want to be treated by physicians they trust to be the expert.  How do patients know that you are an expert?

Patients are favorably impressed by:

  • Seeing positive reviews of you by other patients
  • Viewing patient testimonials
  • Reading your blog posts
  • Watching your patient educational videos
  • Reading your book
  • Seeing you quoted in magazines and on the news
  • Following your Twitter feeds and Facebook updates
  • Hearing you deliver live talks

Creating videos can be a fun and rewarding activity. Make a list of the top questions patients ask you, and record your answers. Here are some topics:

  • What is cancer?
  • What causes gallstones?
  • How do I get my husband to take this medication as prescribed?

Go to forums and attract patients like yours and see what kinds of questions they ask, and then proactively offer answers. Imagine how many of your patients want to ask about sexual activity after a surgical procedure but are too embarrassed to do so.

Getting quoted in publications or interviewed on radio shows is very easy. Journalists and show producers are always looking for interesting stories. If you enjoy being a public educator, look into this. It supports expert positioning.

Physicians are favorably impressed when they:

  • See or hear you present a case series at medical meetings
  • Read your publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Review your published outcomes data
  • Listen to webinars, podcasts or videos you create for physicians