You are a medical expert; patients are medical novices. You are a native in the world of medicine, and understand the language and customs; patients are visitors.

You focus on achieving medical goals; patients’ health related behaviors are driven by their personal goals.

You manage complex medical issues on a day-to-day basis; patients face major medical issues only a handful of times in their lives.

You manage symptoms; patients live with symptoms.

You have a clear mind; patients may be frightened, in pain, or medicated.

You process information in your cerebral cortex; patients process information in their limbic system.

You make medical recommendations based on clinical data; patients choose on the basis of what’s most important to them. They may not take a medication because they are unwilling to live with the side effect you consider “trivial” like weight gain or nausea.

You offer patients medical leadership; patients look to your for guidance.

You measure quality of care with outcomes data; patients measure quality of care with different metrics related to their experience.


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