Now you have a better sense of what your days would look like if you spent more time in your sweet spot.

How do you create more of those days?

Simple.  Attract more of your best-fit patients and fill your calendar with sweet spot activities.

While this is a simple plan, it can be far from easy to execute.  The key to success is understanding what your best-fit patients really want.

Today, patients directly or indirectly drive about 80% of referrals. They decide when, where, and from whom they seek health care services.

Think about the last time you flew to a medical meeting or vacation destination. You may have booked your flight on the basis of:

  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • The overall experience
  • A rewards program

Patients make choices about health care in much the same way you make choices about air travel.

You as the physician are like the pilot, navigating the roué to a desired health destination. Most patients assume they will get a good medical outcome no matter where they go, just as you assume any pilot will get you to your destination safely.

You have the greatest chance of attracting your best-fit patient if you understand what patients want, when they want it, and why they want it.


Here’s what’s most important for you to remember: patients may want very different things than you would want if you were the patient, or what you think they should want. The only way you will find out is to ask.


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Your ability to understand what patients really want will help you:

  • Attract your best-fit patients,
  • Improve compliance, and
  • Achieve better medical outcomes.