A laboratory panel is a package of tests that often are ordered together. Each panel code (80047-80076) includes multiple tests. When all the tests included in the panel are ordered, report the panel code. If any test defined as part of the panel is not performed, report the code(s) to describe the individual tests performed. CPT® instructs:

…panels were developed for coding purposes only and should not be interpreted as clinical parameters. The test are listed with each panel identify the defined components of the panel. These panel components are not intended to limit the performance of other test. If one performs tests in addition to those specifically indicated for a particular panel, those tests should be reported separately in addition to the panel code

Do report two or more panel codes that include any of the same component test. If the tests included in two panels overlap, report only the panel code that includes the greater number of test to meet the code definition. Tests not part of the panel may be separately reported.