3 Tips for Payment PostingTip 1.

Set up electronic remittance with payers, when feasible. With such a remittance process, staff members only need to work the exception report. It’s crucial that payer contracts and fee schedules are built into the system, so payment posting can be more accurate.

Tip 2.

Medical practices and facilities should establish an automatic small balance write-off amount. This will save time in cleaning up small balance accounts, and may actually save money (by avoiding re-billing, postage, staff time, etc). Many hospitals use a guideline of $40-$100, while physician practices are lower, at $10-$20.00. Don’t set your amount too high or too low. In today’s economy, it’s important  practice income isn’t left on the table.

Tip 3.

The total payments received should be matched to the total payments posted, per batch, in the system. Zero payments, partial pays, and low pays should be identified to determine if they are a result of an incorrect payment, or a denial. Such accounts should be worked in a denial management process.