3 Step Checklist for Healthcare Payment and Collections PoliciesEvery physician practice should maintain policies and procedures for payment billing and collections personnel. Here is a three-step checklist to initiate standard policies and procedures for billing and collections, which can increase accuracy in claims, collection of correct monies owed to the provider/group, and protection of patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

1. Enact policies and procedures for billing and collections personnel, to include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Detailed workflow
  • Charge corrections policies
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Claims submission process
  • Resubmission of denied claims
  • Patient collections including budget plans, bad debt recovery, collection letters, and collection agency referrals
  • How to handle accounts for deceased patients
  • Bankruptcy procedures
  • Credit balances/refunds
  • Telephone and email inquiries
  • How to handle returned mail
  • How to handle returned checks

2. Complete periodic claims reviews to ensure policies and procedures are followed.

3. Maintain privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures for the billing and collections staff, to include:

  • Standards of conduct
  • Confidentiality
  • Access to patient information
  • Workstation protocols