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iMAX Has the Solutions to Doctors’ Revenue Challenges

You Have the Solutions to Doctors’ Revenue Challenges Excerpts from the March issue of Medscape points out the need for iMAX services! 8 Must-Do Ways to Lift Your Income Up ​There’s plenty of concern among physicians about how to maintain their income in the coming year. Between turbulence, uncertainty, and the announcement by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) last November of a scant 0.24% rise in the fee schedule in 2017, it’s not surprising that doctors are anxious. 1. Adapt to the High-Deductible Trend: Collect Before the Appointment – iMAX Medical Billing Merchant Services 2. Avoid the

If you operate a medical practice, you should be outsourcing

As if giving your key employees menial tasks isn’t enough to consider outsourcing, the ever-changing landscape of the medical industry should be the deciding factor. According to a 2016 Deloitte Survey, 59% of respondents outsource to cut costs, and 57% outsource to focus on core business. (This is where removing menial tasks from your employees’ agendas comes in.) Further, more than 50% of respondents noted that outsourced services added value in business case development, strategic assessment, contracting and more. Still not convinced? Almost 80% of survey participants felt positive about their respective outsourcing relationships. The proof is in the pudding.

How You Can Perform A Practice Makeover

Let’s take a look at your practice through a fresh set of eyes and make sure you are outing your best foot forward. What can your patients, referring physicians and staff expect as they work for you? Consider what makes you different than other physicians in your medical specialty. Why would a patient choose to work with you rather than the physician down the street? Businesses distinguish themselves and grow by consistently delivering on their promises. Here are a few examples: Disneyland: the happiest place on earth. Amazon: to build a place where people can come to find and discover

What Do Patients Want In Any Given Encounter?

When you enter an exam room, you are purpose driven. Your patients may or may not share your mission. Learn more about your patients’ agenda. Ask patients, “What would you like to accomplish in our time together today?” In general, patients want to accomplish four things: Get a diagnosis that explains their symptoms Get answers to their questions Make a plan Know that they are not alone, even when a cure is not possible Ask As you consider your medical options, what’s most important for you? How has the illness impacted your life? How can we optimize the quality of

How To Find Out What Your Patients REALLY Want

There’s a sure fire way to find out.  Ask them! What do most patients – and referring physicians – really want? Your patients want to be treated by physicians they trust to be the expert.  How do patients know that you are an expert? Patients are favorably impressed by: Seeing positive reviews of you by other patients Viewing patient testimonials Reading your blog posts Watching your patient educational videos Reading your book Seeing you quoted in magazines and on the news Following your Twitter feeds and Facebook updates Hearing you deliver live talks Creating videos can be a fun and

Trump is declaring a national emergency over the opioid epidemic

The announcement comes several days after a White House commission recommended the move. President Donald Trump on Thursday said that he will declare a national emergency over the opioid epidemic. “It’s a national emergency. We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of money on the opioid crisis,” Trump told reporters. “It is a serious problem, the likes of which we’ve never had. You know, when I was growing up, they had the LSD, and they had certain generations of drugs. There’s never been anything like what’s happened to this country over the

Differences Between You And Your Patients

You are a medical expert; patients are medical novices. You are a native in the world of medicine, and understand the language and customs; patients are visitors. You focus on achieving medical goals; patients’ health related behaviors are driven by their personal goals. You manage complex medical issues on a day-to-day basis; patients face major medical issues only a handful of times in their lives. You manage symptoms; patients live with symptoms. You have a clear mind; patients may be frightened, in pain, or medicated. You process information in your cerebral cortex; patients process information in their limbic system. You

Trump says he plans to declare opioid emergency

President Donald Trump said Thursday that his administration is working to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency, a designation that would offer states and federal agencies more resources and power to combat the epidemic. “The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I am saying, officials, right now, it is an emergency. It is a national emergency,” Trump said at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. “We are going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis. “We are going to draw it up, and we are going

Why It Is Critically Important To Understand What Patients Really Want

Now you have a better sense of what your days would look like if you spent more time in your sweet spot. How do you create more of those days? Simple.  Attract more of your best-fit patients and fill your calendar with sweet spot activities. While this is a simple plan, it can be far from easy to execute.  The key to success is understanding what your best-fit patients really want. Today, patients directly or indirectly drive about 80% of referrals. They decide when, where, and from whom they seek health care services. Think about the last time you flew

Poll results: eClinicalWorks customers should take their data and run, readers say

But the backup options included sticking with the vendor and taking the free upgrade. Vendor eClinicalWorks has to offer customers EHR upgrades and it must transfer client’s data to a competitive EHR if asked, both for free per their settlement agreement with the Department of Justice. Healthcare IT News asked readers to weigh in on what eClinicalWorks customers should do. Of the four options – stick with the vendor, take a free upgrade, transfer to another vendor or “other” – the majority of respondents suggested the vendor transfer their data to a competitor’s EHR. Many are watching closely how eClinicalWorks handles this issue