An EHR Built from the Heart

Our EHR for Cardiologists comes with a variety of Cardiology specific content as well as Cardiology specific workflow capabilities. If you are performing in office stress tests, and require your patients move from examine room to testing room, our EHR optimized for mobile iPad or tablet moves with you.

Physical exam templates such as cholesterol lipid analysis and coumadin flowsheets have all of the findings required for any Cardiologist to document the standard physical exam. Including preloaded cardiac conditions like valvular heart disease, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy and angina pectoris to name a few. If you need to document a “pericardial friction rub” — we got it! If you need to add a finding, we supply a simple interface for making our physical exam interface match the one that you typically use in your practice.

Features and Templates:

Seeing is believing, so sign up today for a personal demonstration of our EHR, and witness how well it suits your practice and patients!